6 March 2018 Aedge-059.jpg6 March 2018 Aedge-060.jpg


“Having a bad day?
You can’t have it worse than this guy.”

Infinity is the final short of the artists’ dream series trilogy.

“First you laugh. Then you wonder why. This is the one-two punch of humour in art today, where laughter is nervous but never cheap, and comic turns are but the gateway to a world of doubt. Indeed, funny art comes so loaded with piercing ironies, sudden surrealities, and deadpan expressions of horror or grief that we cannot be sure if it is even okay to laugh.” (Linda Yaloubsky, “What’s so funny about contemporary art?” in ArtNews)

This aptly describes Grace Ong’s collaborative short film. One cannot help but snigger at the mundane and the irrational aspects of the narrative presented to us. However,the absurdity of the protagonist’s actions and his nonchalance heightens the unease thatwe feel as the film plays on. The thought process of this work in fact draws upon the different personalities of the collaborators, and in the interview given by Grace for the exhibition, we come to understand how the dynamics of the group has actuated the organic development of the film’s storyboard

-An extract from the Curatorial Report 2018


For reasons highlighted above, featured below are the thoughts that the artist had considered in the making of  and the processes the artists had gone through. Take your time to appreciate the work that had gone behind the single piece of final work. We hope that you too will be able to see that the value of art lies not solely in the outcome but also in the thoughts of the artist and how that was translated through a physical medium. May this will start your creative juices flowing. Happy art-making!

Artists’ Process pages:

infinity 2 page spread (2).jpg


By: Ho Zhen Ming, Ong Xi Wei Grace, Lim Ke Wei Matthew, Tan Siang Yu, Xie Shangyi, Hew Soo Hun, Sim Kim Hong
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