a e d g e 2022 is the 11th iteration of the aedge exhibition series showcasing the current practices of Teacher-artists in Singapore. Following the previous iterations of aedge, a Guest Curator was invited to work alongside Teacher-curators, Teacher-designers and staff from the Singapore Teachers’ Academy of aRts (STAR), and the artworks from Teacher-artists were selected through an Open Call for proposals. This theme for this year’s exhibition focuses on our perception and experience of a changing space, as shown in the playful layout of the title.

With the persistence of the pandemic, we have found a new appreciation for what space really means within the social infrastructure of a city state like Singapore, where space is extremely scarce and precious. Given the social distancing and contact restriction adopted in work, home and public spaces, people suddenly experience both public and private spaces in a new light. The shift of balance in the use of physical spaces leads to the discovery of less used spaces. For example, we saw a record use of parks and trails as the direct consequence of limited access to other spaces. Similarly, when physical spaces experience unprecedented transformation, how would that impact our mental spaces, as mental and physical spaces are intricately converged?

a e d g e 2022 is conceived to be an artistic investigation of these changes via three thematic sections: Depth, Width and Height. Depth, Width and Height are commonly used to measure a space, to describe the size of a sculpture. In this curatorial framework, Depth is adopted to explore the inner space, Width the extended space and Height the future space.

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With 25 individual and collective works by 34 Teacher-artists from schools and MOE HQ, a    e   d  g e 2022 is a collaborative voice that critically responds to a changing space that is intangible/tangible, desirable/restrictive, personal/communal. While the pandemic has accelerated many things that were already on their way, such as Zoom teaching, it has also urged us to explore how people, students can be connected in a more inclusive way within a given space both physical and mental. Conceived and realized during this challenging time,  a    e   d  g e 2022 marks an important exhibition that demonstrates our art teachers’ artistic response to the well-being of their students, themselves and the society in searching for a finest equilibrium of a space.

Teacher-curators: Cheak Yen Hui, Rachel Tay and Tang Li Jen, with Guest Curator Wang Ruobing