Healing Touch (2014)

2014,¬†Mixed media photography,¬†594 x 420 mm,¬†Series of 5 By¬†ZAKI ZULFAKAR NOORDIN,¬†Si¬†Ling Secondary School,¬†Lead Teacher, Visual Arts When we are uneasy, we¬†clasp our hands together naturally,¬†until the challenging time has passed. ¬†Our hands are twins of each other and so they will band together to support each other in times of need.¬†This is also true whenever […]

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A-typical (2014)

2014,¬†Table, chair, dress, various objects,¬†Dimensions Variable By¬†WOON SHER LIN SHERALYN,¬†First Toa¬†Payoh¬†Secondary,¬†Art Teacher This nascent work examines my own heritage from both a personal and an artistic perspective. It questions the image of the Peranakan culture, as it is portrayed in a commercialised format for the consumption of mass tourism. It also aims at probing the […]

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SHEs (2010-2013)

2010-2013,¬†Pen and ink on paper,¬†42 x 30 cm,¬†Series of 3 By WANG¬†MO,¬†Bedok¬†Green Secondary School‚Äč‚Äč,¬†Art Teacher I am¬†interested in the same subject matter of the female. My ambition in discovering the female persona¬†was¬†matched by a critical anxiety that encouraged me to think deeper about my practice throughout the years of art making. In this series of […]

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Eyes (2014)

2014, Video, 16:9 By¬†WAHEEDAH BINTE MUHAMMAD KHALIQ,¬†Holy Innocents‚Äô High School,¬†Art¬†Teacher Eyes¬†is an optical illusion¬†that¬†offers the¬†viewer¬†the opportunity¬†to seesomething ordinary through a¬†different¬†perspective, giving¬†the possibility¬†of¬†a whole new experience. Viewers¬†will¬†be drawn towards the centre of the jewel that was used¬†as¬†hyphen¬†between the subject and the lens. Lights and reflections together with sound create¬†a gateway¬†into¬†a new realm that allows¬†viewers to relate¬†to […]

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“I am full,” said the vessel. (2014)

2014,¬†Stoneware,¬†Variable By¬†TAY LI-CHENG, ‚ÄčFirst Toa¬†Payoh¬†Secondary School,¬†Art¬†Teacher Teachers are vessels of information, but there is much more in the pot than meets the eye. The vessels appear to be containers, but there is hardly space for anything more when the viewer lifts the lid. We tend to be so full:¬†of our¬†students, of our work and of […]

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Leaves.Remains (2013)

2013,¬†Leaves, branches,¬†52 x 52 cm,¬†Series of 3 By¬†TAN WEN CHUAN‚Äč,¬†Compassvale Secondary School,¬†Art Teacher Leaves¬†and¬†remains¬†are words with double meaning. This work uses remains of leaves as raw material and explores what leaves and what remains after the many years of rote learning. While we may seem to emerge at the other end as highly valuable individuals, […]

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logARiThm (2014)

2014,¬†Mixed medium,¬†20 x 20 x 20 cm By¬†TAN KAH KEONG,¬†Bukit Panjang Primary School‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč,¬†Art Teacher The spiral is one of several interesting shapes commonly found in nature. Since ancient times,¬†spira mirabilis¬†(or¬†marvellous spirals) have been a fascinating topic for mankind. In fact, the first symbols drawn on the planet were spirals thought to represent the sun and […]

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Desert Song (2009) / Desert Inspiration (2009)

Desert Song, 2009, Watercolours on paper, 50 x 70 cm (framed) Desert Inspiration, 2009, Watercolours on paper, 50 x 70 cm (framed) By¬†TAN HWEE PHENG, CHARLOTTE,¬†CHIJ Secondary School,¬†Senior Teacher These works are from my series¬†Erosion of Memories,¬†inspired¬†from my own personal experience in the Australian desert in Fowler‚Äôs Gap, Broken Hill in New¬†South¬†Wales. The fragile beauty […]

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Curatorial Essay

by¬†Daniela¬†Beltrani ‚ÄúIn all of humankind‚Äôs¬†‚Äėforms of consciousness‚Äô, only the arts are international and borderless. They are an expression of a common human spirit. Hence, it is only when the nationalities of the world unite through art that war can be completely eradicated. [‚Ķ]¬†Hence, we should actively study and promote artistic culture.‚ÄĚ Liu Kang In-visible For […]

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The Artists (2014)

Adzmey Bin Asmom Self-portraits (2014) Amy Hart Interstitial S(paces) (2014) Ching Yuk Ling Dynamic (2014) Chong Kui Cheong Gabriel Free flow (2013) Chow Shu Jun Michelle Áúč ¬∑ šļļÁĒü (Ginseng)¬†(2014) Chua Weiqiang Vanishing Tiger (2014) Dorathy Lye Interstitial S(paces) (2014) A Break Between Two Recesses (2014) / Set Adrift¬†(2014) Foo Chang Yong John Passageway (2014) […]

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Lesson Ideas

Making: Art Lesson Ideas¬†(2014) The lesson ideas presented here invites art educators to extend their engagement¬†with contemporary art‚ÄĒbe it making or viewing‚ÄĒback into the art classroom. This handout builds on the momentum and interests with the last edition,¬†Making: Art Lesson Ideas,¬†(2013)¬†and features new examples in the form of guiding questions and art tasks. With these […]

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Three Thermos Flasks (2013)

2013,¬†Acrylic on canvas,¬†100 x 50 cm By SUHAIMI BIN SUKIYAR,¬†Assumption Pathway School,¬†Head of Department The¬†thermos flask was a common sight in the kitchen in the 50s¬†until the 70s.It was an everyday object.¬†Choosing¬†this as my main subject, I¬†decided to add a contemporary twist to it by¬†using¬†vibrant¬†colours¬†and oriental motifs. Incidentally, it is also my response to an […]

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Loss/t (2014)

2014,¬†Video,¬†4:3 By¬†SOPHIA NATASHA WEI JUNHAO,¬†MOE SDCD/ Arts Education Branch,¬†Art Education Officer In collaboration with former student MABEL SIM JIA HUI The artists are¬†Natasha, former art teacher, who grew in relationship with Mabel by being privy to her family situation; and¬†Mabel Sim, former PJC student, MOE teaching scholar and current ADM student, inspired to teach. We […]

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I don‚Äôt know how (dash) to draw (2014)

2014, Writing materials on paper, Dimensions variable By¬†śó• I don‚Äôt know how (dash) to draw¬†is a community project initiated by¬†the duo śó• (pronounced as¬†air-ferl).¬†Departing from¬†one of the most common comments made when speaking about art to both children and adults, this project hopes to showcase drawings made by fans of this statement.¬†śó•is inviting both participants […]

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