Guest Curator

Wang Ruobing

Wang Ruobing is an artist, independent curator and art educator based in Singapore. She received her Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. She was previously a curator at the National Gallery Singapore. At present, she works as a lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts and is the co-founder of Comma Space 逗号空间: an artist-run experimental art space that creates thinking spaces between commas. 


Cheak Yen Hui

Art Coordinator 

Regent Secondary School 

Cheak Yen Hui graduated with a Masters in Fine Art Practice (Painting) from the Glasgow School of Art. She is interested in subjects of memory, remembering, remembrance and the remembered particularly in the use of uncanny and relational aspects of objects and image in her practice. Currently, Cheak enjoys working with her students, learning from them and watching them grow in their practice.

Rachel Tay

Subject Head (Aesthetics)

Rivervale Primary School

Rachel Tay is an avid painter and Art educator who is enthusiastic about the Arts and believes in its role in developing learners to be reflective and informed individuals. She is particularly interested in the concepts of choice and motivation in relation to art education and has presented her critical inquiry projects on various platforms, such as the Arts Education Conference in 2020 and the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference in 2021.

Tang Li Jen

Senior Teacher (Art)

Victoria Junior College

Tang Li Jen sees play as an essential element in art making and believes that one should always have fun and enjoy art.  He toys with a variety of media and art forms, ideas and expectations, to construct kinetic sculptures and drawing machines that record and reflect his experiences and perception as we negotiate our roles and spaces in life and society.


Serene Ng

Subject Head (Student Leadership Development and Values-in-Action)

Bukit Panjang Govt High School

Serene Ng is an art educator who is trying to convert one little artist at a time. A graphic designer by training, artist by mind, and illustrator by heart, she received her BFA in Visual Communication from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media, and her Master of Art in Drawing from the University of New South Wales Art and Design. She published her first children’s picturebook, The Great Hospital Adventure in Space with Epigram books in 2017.

Lee Rui Ching

Art Teacher 

Pei Tong Primary School

Lee Rui Ching is a curious art educator who enjoys collecting random trivia to share with inquisitive minds. She believes that art education has the opportunity to bring balance to one’s being, and hopes to nurture greater confidence in her young learners as they embark on their creative journey. Rui Ching received her formal training in Architecture before joining MOE as an art educator.


Grace Cheng-Yeo

Art Teacher
Anglican High School 

Grace Cheng-Yeo often expresses her thoughts with illustration, design and mixed media. She believes art should encourage experimentation, and we can learn more from moments of spontaneity and play. Even though life may seem overwhelming at times (for us collectively), Grace hopes to continue growing as an artist, through works that evoke a sense of childlike wonder, as a reminder that there is always joy and beauty to be found, in the midst of uncertainty.

Nurul I’zzah

Art Teacher
De La Salle School

Nurul I’zzah is a passionate art educator with a background in Fashion Textiles and Architecture. Her Fashion Textiles collections are mostly inspired by architectural forms and facades. Nurul’s works have been showcased in London Graduate Fashion Week, Lasalle College of the Arts and ION Art gallery. During her free time, she enjoys creating artworks with her children that involves a lot of play and learning to overcome accidental mistakes.

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