Mrs Rebecca Chew was invited to take a photograph in response to the theme of this exhibition. The following is her contribution to the exhibition.

Chinatown // Rebecca Chew // Photography, 2016

‘I was intrigued by the lines that draws us into the picture and the different perspectives we can draw from this image . It was a usual weekend morning when I was having my porridge at the Chinatown Foodcourt Centre when I caught an elderly lady’s lost gaze in the background. I then mused at how the different lines in the frame drew attention to her, despite the bustle around her. One of them was about remembrance of things past. Uncle Raymond had brought his sister, who was visiting Singapore, to the Chinatown Heritage Museum. They were surprised by the many photos of my paternal Great Grandmother’s funeral procession, displayed as educational, historical artefacts of how funerals were conducted in Sago Lane. The photographer had donated his collection to Singapore National Archives when he closed his Chinatown photo studio business. Indeed, he has captured a slice of our family life, which 4 generations on, I can appreciate my past and be grateful for the present. As for the elderly lady in my framed background, I wonder if there would be a 4th generation to see her seated there.’