In 2017, CAPS! took place from 13 to 17 November and five locally-based creative practitioners were invited to mentor our art teachers from primary, secondary schools and junior colleges. Chosen for their specialisation, four artists and one curator worked closely with the participants to produce works in different media.

They are:

  • Chen Yanyun whose art practice is rooted in the craft and the silent contemplation of making drawings,
  • Joyce Fan has more than 15 years of curatorial experience in the arts,
  • Kerry Jameson is known for her surreal ceramic and mixed media sculptures,
  • Khairullah Rahim who commands a wealth of sculpting techniques inassemblage, and
  • Yeo Shih Yun who interprets the very act of ink painting with striking results.



CAPS! 2017 saw the participation of 38 art teachers from primary, secondary schools, and junior colleges. During the intensive art-making process, they experienced the challenges faced by a learner when encountering something new. Guided by their artist-mentors and supported by peers, these art teachers were exposed to a variety of strategies for generating ideas and art-making techniques that can be applied in their classroom teaching. The interaction and rigorous dialogue and exchanges with the artist-mentors were intended to inspire our teachers to engage themselves in continuous learning. Over the course of 5 days driven by experimental art inquiry, the participants produced numerous sculptural works, paintings and drawings in charcoal, ink, ceramic, digital, and mixed media.


CAPS! 2017 Works exhibited

Assemblage: Manipulating found objects and materials:

6 March 2018 Aedge-093.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-094.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-095.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-096.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-097.jpg

The Votive and Figurative Sculpture6 March 2018 Aedge-108.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-109.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-110.jpg

The Image: Looking. Seeing. Reflecting.6 March 2018 Aedge-112.jpg

Dive into Charcoal:6 March 2018 Aedge-103.jpg6 March 2018 Aedge-104.jpg

INKpulse:6 March 2018 Aedge-099.jpg

6 March 2018 Aedge-101.jpg