Working with paper, Liling’s interest lies in highlighting the material aspect of the medium through methods of reduction, focusing on the different surface treatments of the pictorial plane. Reflecting on the remnants of a 1950s warehouse building undergoing redevelopment in the coming year, Blurrings is made of photographs taken in the space and transferred onto […]

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The word ‘pura’ means city in Sanskrit. In Toy-pura, the Teacher-artists took on the roles of toy designers in order to explore the theme of Identity from different perspectives. Some of them expressed personality traits through their fantastical characters, while others explored aspects of their Singaporean identity or the perception of beauty and the human condition. […]

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The Bathroom should be Pink 如意 (Instructions by Mr Anthony – A professional Feng Shui master)

The belief in superstition and luck, for some, belongs to the realm of the supernatural, or attributed to irrational behavior or a performative illusionist. To Desiree, such beliefs are also the invocation of invisible forces which change or shape our physical world and bring forth transformations of our sense of reality itself.  With the intention […]

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Humble Abode

Being an educator involves daily routines of busy schedules and tight deadlines. This induces fatigue in many educators and they seek rest through various activities. Qi Ying’s haven comes from immersing herself in the world of crochet. Creating amigurumi mushrooms is a break for her as she spins her mini world of possibilities. Mushrooms thrive […]

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Sherry is inspired by the world around her. She also enjoys experimenting with different ways of painting to create lyrical layers in her work. A dreamer with an insatiable curiosity about the human condition, she seeks to explore the unknown. Through emotions expressed by varying degrees of abstraction, Sherry hopes to connect with viewers on […]

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WE do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors… WE borrow it from our children

Silk, Sarah, Ting Ting, Yvonne and Dulcia are teacher-artists who bonded over their stint from the Art Teacher Practitioner Programme (ATPP) and share a common concern for the environment. With Singapore’s economic success and increasing industrialisation, her natural landscape has been declining. Exactly how much is there left for future generations if we don’t act […]

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A group of art teachers from Northland Secondary School came together to create this mixed media sculpture of a whale, depicting the struggle of Art as a subject in school. The humpback whale is an endangered species which is close to extinction, struggling to survive in the ocean. Similarly, the work symbolises the sustainability and […]

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In Whorled, Chwee Kim uses these S-shaped ceramic pieces to symbolise changes, possibilities, continuity and flexibility in this VUCA world. Challenging the boundaries of a traditional medium through contemporary ways of manipulation, clay is being folded, stretched or twisted; just as if working with paper. However, instead of attaching the individual ceramic pieces together permanently […]

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Calm Tsunami

Hafifah works primarily in the abstract, exploring the fluidity of materials that captures movement and textures on canvas. Each piece captures a moment in time, an experience encountered, a lesson learnt.  Calm Tsunami is a piece which seeks serenity within chaos. As you look at the work, immerse yourself in its scale and let the […]

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Four women. Four different backgrounds. One moment in time. What happens when a painter, a photographer, a designer and a crafter meet in the art studio? Just as the warp and wefts intertwine, the artists’ lives converge and diverge through time, creating a tapestry of colours and textures that celebrate their uniqueness and shared memories […]

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Lobang Book

Desiree has always been fascinated by how objects can perform beyond its form and mediate relations in the way we perceive and think about society. The Lobang Book delves into the notion of holes, gaps, gains and loopholes that an art educator would encounter when searching for “Lobangs” to build-up their teaching resources. Categorised in […]

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