The Table of Lonely Delights

Acrylic on canvas, 2021 Christiyani KabulRiver Valley High School The title is a spoof on the title of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights‘ in which people are depicted engaging in a variety of pleasurable activities. However, unlike the famous painting, the little figures here are shown eating their meal in isolation – […]

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Longitude ; Latitude ; Fortitude

Mixed Media, 2022 Maisarah Kamal, Bazlee Bakhtiar & Vimal KumarBoon Lay Garden Primary School, Bartley Secondary School, Boon Lay Garden Primary School Future, inner and extended space is studied in this research based work through cemeteries in Singapore, both those that exist and those that have been cleared. Apart from understanding the idea of loss […]

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Day Dreams: Re-imagined Spaces

Digital Print on Fabric and Paper, 2022 Amanda Soo Li Xin, Chia Hui Ning, Ng Si Wei Joanne & Siew Wei Jian VincentHillgrove Secondary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Angsana Primary School, Peicai Secondary School “Day Dreams: Re-imagined Spaces” provides alternative visions of our familiar everyday spaces by introducing elements of fun and playfulness!  […]

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Interview: National Languish Crass

Teacher-artist: Fahmy Bin Said Yishun Secondary School How many Singaporeans are aware that Malay is Singapore’s National Language? Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? My name is Fahmy Said and I’m the Subject Head of Art at Yishun Secondary School. I am trained in visual communications and also contemporary arts. Currently, my artistic practice involves […]

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Interview: Intersection

Teacher-artists: Nurul’ain Azilah, Khairunnisa’ Shamsuri &Farida Bee Abdul Rahman Sengkang Primary School Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? We are Ain, Farida and Nisa from Seng Kang Primary School.  Ain was a Generalist teacher before attending the first Art Teachers Practitioner Programme (ATPP) conducted by STAR. She proceeded to obtain her Advanced Diploma in Primary […]

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