Artwork title: Transition

Name of artist:  Lynn Teo

School: Fajar Secondary School

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 3

Possible Guiding Questions For Discussing Art

Possible Lesson Ideas For Making Art

  1. What do you see in these photographs? Describe the colours, space and the texture. 
  1. How does the photograph make you feel?
  1. What is a landscape? Does it make connection to our daily lives?
  1. How else can we convey a similar artistic intent in another medium? What made you say that?
  1. What ideas or words can you think of in relation to the word “transition”?
In this lesson idea, students are asked to think about Singapore’s transition from a natural environment to a cityscape. The teacher can introduce different artists who have used photography to speak strongly about environmental issues, such as global warming or climate change or social change.

Artists for reference include: Robert Zhao, Darren Constantino, Ricardo Mendonca Ferreira, Arun Raghu, David Anderson, Jack Dekort, or Kevin Meredith

A possible elegant art task could be:

Take a series of photographs depicting the word “Transition”, using objects you use daily or can see around you. E.g. Comparing a new tube of toothpaste to an empty tube of toothpaste, or a snapshot of a pair of clean school shoes at the beginning of the week and a dirty pair at the end of the week.

After collecting a series of photographs that depict “transition”, they can be put together to form a photo montage. 

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