My World, Inside Out

Charcoal on paper and AR, 2022 Wang MoNanyang Girls’ High School 回溯。方圆。光芒。生活只有回不去的,没有过不去的。总会有新的人出现,有新的故事,给你带来新的温暖。 有的时候我们走得太快,连灵魂都跟不上了,是否能想到停下来,审视一下现在的自己,你还认得么?人生如果错了方向,停下来也许就是进步,人与人之间的关系和距离也是这样。世界上最遥远的距离不是爱或恨,而是熟悉的人渐渐变得陌生。幸好,每一种创伤最终都能结痂为新的成熟,2021-2022的我,在长大,在失去,在迎接,在守护,在努力,在接受,最重要的是,我也在好好的生活。 As the pandemic situation continues, people are beginning to get used to keeping a distance from each other.  People are less familiar with the usual bodily contact, becoming more awkward when they communicate face to face, and are less trusting and open […]

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kakiTANGAN (staff/workers)

Photography and mixed media, 2022 Zaki Zulfakar NoordinMarsiling Secondary School What began as a commute to work by train has led to a discovery and a new appreciation of personal space, for I observed a phenomenon of other commuters creating an “invisible bubble” around themselves by either engaging with their electronic gadgets or “tuning out” […]

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Interactive Installation, 2022 Quek Jia QiEast Spring Secondary School Stretch is an invitation to contemplate our everyday bandwidth by defamiliarising and extending the everyday rubber band to host a space for connection. The ordinary rubber band is symbolic of the possibilities, boundaries, and limits tested in everyday life. During the pandemic, teachers are amongst essential […]

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A Tapestry of Flow

Mixed media on fabric, 2022 Nuurulhuda Binte Hasbolah & Sharifah Nurul ZakiahSeng Kang Secondary School, Kranji Secondary School A collaborative collage and exploratory works of two ATM (Artist/Teacher/Mummy) who took the courage to find pockets of time to document and express their emotions and visual voice using colours, textures and layers created by both traditional […]

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Acrylic on canvas, 2021 Loh Fah Rong, EsmondBendemeer Secondary School The painting portrays the varied living conditions of individuals and families residing in an imagined apartment building. Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, I aim to express how the realities of ‘staying home’ experienced by every person may be vastly different, simultaneously reflecting the unnoticed inequalities […]

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