Hafifah works primarily in the abstract, exploring the fluidity of materials that captures movement and textures on canvas. Each piece captures a moment in time, an experience encountered, a lesson learnt. 

A tsunami is a series of waves that could bring about damage and disorder, yet the same waves could bring tranquility and peace of mind to one who pursues it. 

Calm Tsunami is a piece which seeks serenity within chaos. As you look at the work, immerse yourself in its scale and let the waves take over. Alternatively, you can appreciate the subtle nuances of colours and textures and be absorbed into its calmness. Be careful – we could lose ourselves through these extremes.

By Hafifah Binte Mohd Hafiz Tan

To see Hafifah’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 4 March to 13 March 2020.

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