Chui Min is often inspired by the forgotten, lesser side and the obscurities of human life observed, lived and experienced. 

Hairol inspires and interacts with his students to achieve the impossible and have them follow their wildest dreams and deepest passions. 

Kenneth feels that the interaction between materials is essential in forming shapes which harness the strength and fragility to push boundaries and explore new frontiers.

In this showcase, the artists collaborated to use clay as the anchor medium and explore its intriguing interactions with other materials. 

Using a common approach, the artists harnessed the clay’s strength during its malleable state to mould it to the desired form.  At times the artists’ diverged, reconciled or complemented each other’s ideas.  

It is Chui Min, Hairol and Kenneth’s shared hope to push boundaries and explore malleability, vulnerability and adaptability.

By Hairol Bin Mohamed Hossain, Kenneth Pek Hwee Lee, and Tan Chui Min,.

To see their final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 4 March to 13 March 2020.

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