The word pura means city in Sanskrit. In Toy-pura, the Teacher-artists took on the roles of toy designers in order to explore the theme of Identity from different perspectives. Some of them expressed personality traits through their fantastical characters, while others explored aspects of their Singaporean identity or the perception of beauty and the human condition. The toys offer a fun yet provoking way of looking at different interpretations of Self and Identity.

The artistswere first brought together during the Contemporary Art Practices in Schools! (CAPS!) 2019Stories in the  Sculpt workshop facilitated by local artists Samantha Lo and toy designer Daniel Yu. During the workshop, the artists’ explored the theme of Identity through the creation of characters using polymer clay and epoxy putty.

By Dexter Sim, Dorathy Lye, Hew Soo Hun, Jacqueline Liew, Joyce Chia, Lee Hui Yi, Michelle Chow, Ng Ting Ting, Nurhanani Bte Sarifuddin, Ong Theng Choo, Samantha Lee Yuping and Sim Kim Hong

To see their final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 4 March to 13 March 2020.

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