To decode is to make intelligible, decipher and interpret. It is a concept applicable in both the roles of a teacher and an art maker, even if they start from different ends of the spectrum – the former breaks down the complexity of an idea layer by layer to make it comprehensible, while the latter layers the literal narrative with sophistication through a discerning choice of medium and methodology.

As Teacher-artists, how will their artworks relate to our own culture, history and the way we see and interact with this world? How will these works outlive them as legacies they leave behind, the way they leave/live indelibly in the respective chapters of their students’ lives? Till the act of (de)coding becomes obsolete? Or will it?

The Artworks

The Bathroom should be Pink 如意 (Instructions by Mr Anthony – A professional Feng Shui master)


Clogged ARTeries
Flavours of Life
In Conversations
Aural Examination
Last Cup of Coffee
Rush Hour

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