Interview: National Languish Crass

Teacher-artist: Fahmy Bin Said Yishun Secondary School How many Singaporeans are aware that Malay is Singapore’s National Language? Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? My name is Fahmy Said and I’m the Subject Head of Art at Yishun Secondary School. I am trained in visual communications and also contemporary arts. Currently, my artistic practice involves […]

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Interview: Intersection

Teacher-artists: Nurul’ain Azilah, Khairunnisa’ Shamsuri &Farida Bee Abdul Rahman Sengkang Primary School Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? We are Ain, Farida and Nisa from Seng Kang Primary School.  Ain was a Generalist teacher before attending the first Art Teachers Practitioner Programme (ATPP) conducted by STAR. She proceeded to obtain her Advanced Diploma in Primary […]

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FEATURED: Artist Interview – Sarah Choo Jing & Jérôme Philipp

Even though they reside in different continents, Sarah Choo Jing and Jérôme Philipp still managed to collaborate and produce a piece for aedge 2019. Fascinated by notes and connections between strangers, they have constructed a work showcasing the potential narrative that is yet to be discovered. A presentation of documentations and remnants of notes left behind […]

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Fringe Activities

During the opening week of aedge 2019, STAR organised workshops led by our participating teacher-artists. In case you missed them, they have generously sent us their resources used during the workshop to be uploaded here. Click on each workshop to learn more. An Observation of Light and Shadows (Arion Harper Lai & Mohammad Zabid Jabar)

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Workshop: An Observation of Light and Shadows

Arion Harper Lai and Mohammad Zabid Jabar guided participants to uncover hidden perspectives using digital photography on this photowalk. Participants learned how to capture reflections and shadows, bringing what is often ignored into focus. By the end of the workshop, they left with an alternative perspective on contemporary urban photography. In case you missed it, […]

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Quiet Musings

Have you ever noticed scribbles or doodles in the margins of your students’ books or examination papers? Their quiet musings bring about a certain sense of whimsy and innocence that is rarely on display. Rischka Syafiqa Putri Jonawi would like to shed light on these forgotten drawings because they are important, just like our students. […]

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Wishbone is the interpretation of the silent cry of things we consume in order to live. Beryl Kwok is looking to find an understanding that while we consume in order to live, there needs to be a consideration that what we consume also has a will of its own. The work explores the lives that […]

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The dawning sky presents a new beginning each day. A different day is a new start. Every morning while Tan Wei Zhong walks to school, he spends a little time to look at the sky. He loves to explore and study the ever-changing shapes of clouds, and enjoys the challenge of reorganising it into a […]

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