2014, Table, chair, dress, various objects, Dimensions Variable

By WOON SHER LIN SHERALYN, First Toa Payoh Secondary, Art Teacher

This nascent work examines my own heritage from both a personal and an artistic perspective. It questions the image of the Peranakan culture, as it is portrayed in a commercialised format for the consumption of mass tourism. It also aims at probing the indistinct viewer to reconsider issues of humanity interwoven with aesthetic aspects of a complex cultural phenomenon.

Lesson Ideas for A-typical (2014) by Woon Sher Lin, Sheralyn

This lesson is suitable for students in: Upper Secondary

Artwork title: A-typical

Name of artist: Woon Sher Lin, Sheralyn

School: First Toa Payoh Secondary School

Possible Guiding Questions

1. What objects do you see in this picture?

2. Describe how the objects are placed together.

3. Why do you think the artist has chosen these objects? Look at the title and medium of the work for clues.

4. What do you think is the significance of these objects to the artist?

5. Why do you think the artist presented a photo instead of video?

6. How would you recreate a photo of a group of objects that are meaningful to you?

7. What title would you give to your artwork?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

In this lesson idea, students could be asked to think about the identities (internal and external, personal and social) of different groups of people and explore how these identities are conveyed through one’s association with certain objects and symbols. The teacher could discuss about Lucas Samaras and Joseph Cornell’s artworks and examine their exploration with personal identities and use of objects and symbols.

This could be one of the elegant art tasks:

You have been asked to create a photo spread for Teenage Magazine of things that are meaningful to young people.

You can gather a collection of up to 5 objects based on the theme above. What will these objects be? Give reasons for your choices.

Create a series of photographs that explore different ways to display the objects in an aesthetically coherent manner.

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