2014, Photography scratch cards, 5 x 9 cm

By XIE SHANGYI , Nanyang Girls’ High School, Art Teacher

JOSCELIN CHEW, Student, Goldsmiths College, University of London

All yours is a collaboration piece exploring the complexities of the Ancient Greek term of the ‘hyphen’. By bridging two separate words as one, the term seemingly draws connotations between the two, yet it highlights the very notion and establishes a new function for the new word.

The work adopts the duality of the hyphen to explore the relationship between images. Whilst the historical meaning highlights the notion “under one”, the work makes use of the literal definition of revealing the image beneath in a mannersimilar to the scratch card. The work plays with the ambiguity between fortune telling and betting, inviting viewers to scratch the image, yet leaves the decision-making – in revealing the hidden or otherwise – entirely with the audience.

Lesson Ideas for All Yours (2014) by Xie Shangyi and Joscelin Chew

This lesson is suitable for students in: Lower Secondary

Artwork title: All Yours

Name of artists: Joscelin Chew and Xie Shangyi

Schools: Nanyang Girls’ High School, Goldsmiths College

Possible Guiding Questions

1. What does the artwork remind you of?

2. Why do you think the artist has chosen to involve the viewer in this artwork?

3. What role does the audience play in this artwork? How would the message be different without the audience’s participation?

4. If you were trying to persuade a museum to buy this artwork, how would you present your case?


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