The choices we make every day as teacher-artists are created from a purpose within. This deeper sense of a quiet self-awareness, in making a decision to articulate through the process of our artistic expression is often transformational.

We celebrate this idea through this third series of exhibitions by teachers who find the time and space to pursue their inner voices that give strength and faith in their every lives. These are the same teachers who promote, reframe and legitimise the state of arts education in our Singapore landscape, giving room to deepen our own personal voice as we create and make expressive our artistic expression. What we began at the beginning of the interstitial choices may not have been the same at the end. Nevertheless, we see in this collection of art works the perspectives the artists take to further conversation, elaboration and extensions that make room for more teacher agency choices with purposeful meaning.

The idea of the hyphen this year celebrates the cumulative work that STAR has created as a possible space for further collaboration. The meaningful artistic exchanges, focussing on personal choices in their artistic expression, reveal an inner world of the teacher-artists themselves. Indeed, we are privy to their constructs – in allowing us to have a “room with a view” into their inner selves. The construct of their art becomes another purposeful experience which this exhibition has successfully provided another conversation to be engendered for our classrooms.

Rebecca Chew
Academy Principal
Singapore Academy for the aRts


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