“ the hyphen
though not as huge as an elephant
still does gargantuan jobs
for amongst a host of things it does
it can bring words together
to make them one…”

– Raj Arumugam,
Singapore poet


a|edge, an acronym for ‘Art Educators’ Developmental & Generative Explorations’, is an annual art teachers’ exhibition. The exhibition theme changes annually, where graphical symbols and punctuations are used to convey the on-going conversations within the fraternity.

This year the hyphen, or dash, is the exhibition trigger. Teachers were invited to tackle matters and hybrid ideas that show combination, unification or evolution. Teachers could make individual or collaborative artworks that choose to underline any notable local social issue, interrupt ways of seeing, explore unusual combinations of media and techniques or attempt to change our perception of art, emphasising the process of making over a final product. In the light of these interpretations, some artists featured in this exhibition have digressed from their usual practice to explore and break individual limitations and boundaries to focus on revealing their inner world as teacher-artists.

We invite viewers to reflect on the themes and trigger questions posed on the exhibition website retrievable via the QR codes on the wall labels. Viewers are invited to handle and physically interact with artworks labelled with (“hand sign”), to set off deeper associations and reflections. We hope the connections made at this exhibition affirm that the arts celebrate multiple perspectives, unique aesthetics experiences and the arts imparts ways of knowing not limited by words or numbers.

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