2013, Leaves, branches, 52 x 52 cm, Series of 3

By TAN WEN CHUAN​, Compassvale Secondary School, Art Teacher

Leaves and remains are words with double meaning. This work uses remains of leaves as raw material and explores what leaves and what remains after the many years of rote learning. While we may seem to emerge at the other end as highly valuable individuals, how much of that value is beyond skin-deep, and how much of our individuality actually remains? This work explores and questions the notion of value in the modern world and invites the audience to spend a moment to ponder over what constitutes humanity.

Lesson Ideas for Leaves.Remains (2013) by Tan Wen Chuan

This lesson is suitable for students in: Upper Sec

Artwork title: Leaves.Remains

Name of artist: Tan Wen Chuan

School: Compassvale Secondary School

Possible Guiding Questions

1. Can the objects in the artwork be found in our natural environment? If so, where?

2. What do you think are the symbolic meanings and significances of the…
a. Leaves
b. Branch
c. Gold colour

3. Describe how the leaves and branches are arranged in relation to each other in the different scenarios. Why do you think they are arranged differently?

4. What is your interpretation of this artwork based on your understanding of the symbolic elements used in it?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

You have been invited to create an artwork for Earth Day 2014 to send an impactful message about environmental issues faced by the world.

In order to minimise wastage, you are to find at least 3 discarded or used objects, e.g. plastic utensils, plastic/paper cups, plastic bags, cable wires, electronic parts and card boxes.

With the found objects, create an assemblage that addresses the cause and impact of environmental problems. Explain your choice of materials in relation to the intended message.

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