2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 35 x 45 cm

By LOW SOK HUI, Hwa Chong Institution, Subject Head, Art

Past Present subverts the idea of acrylic on canvas. Made of dried paint peeled off discarded palettes, this work continues working with the medium of acrylic, albeit in a different manner. Each piece of dried paint takes on a life of its own, becoming an embodiment of time, space and action. These discarded pieces of paint continue to play an active role in the process of artmaking. Take a step back and make time to appreciate beauty in the discarded and forgotten…

Lesson Ideas for Past Present (2014) by Low Sok Hui

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary School

Artwork title: Past Present

Name of artist:Low Sok Hui

School: Hwa Chong Institution

Possible Guiding Questions

1. What is the material used to create this artwork?

2. How does the use of material in this artwork differ from the conventional way of using it?

3. How do you think the individual shapes are formed?

4. Why do you think the artist chose to work with this material?

5. How does the use of discarded materials relate to the title “Past Present”?

6. In what ways do you think this artwork relates to the tradition of painting?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

Every artist has his/her own preferred style of working and each makes a conscious choice of media and materials to convey their ideas and intentions. In this lesson idea, students could imagine themselves as artists who have set out on an experimental journey to explore and express their personal identities through a meaningful play of materials.

A possible elegant art task could be:

Create a self-portrait with the use of alternative modes of representation or through alternative use of materials to express your thoughts and emotions. You can determine if you will represent your face in your final artwork.

Ask yourself, “Being an unique individual, how do I show that I am different from my friends? How will I approach my self-portrait in order to convey the complexity of my identity?”

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