2014, Photography Installation, 90 x 120 cm (on wall), Dimensions variable (on floor)

By NOOR RAHMAN SAINI, Pasir Ris Secondary School, Art Teacher

I wanted to learn about my facial expressions. I wanted to learn how theywork and how comfortable it is sharing my secrets to the camera for others to see, to scrutinize, to judge. Am I comfortable sharing my secrets to the world? Do I hold back? The blade cuts the layers of facial expressions to hopefully reveal my true self, who I am really underneath. In a continuing quest to portray a sitter’s true emotions or feelings, I strive to understand myself better through this work, in a journey of self-discovery. And in this journey, even the pieces I cut and left discarded can tell a story. Can you see what they say?

Lesson Ideas for Self-Portrait (De-faced Series) (2014) by Noor Rahman Saini

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 2 to 5

Artwork title: Self-Portrait 2014 (De-faced Series)

Name of artist: Noor Rahman Saini

School: Pasir Ris Secondary School

Possible Guiding Questions


1. What types of expressions can you identify?


2. Why did the artist cut away certain parts of the expression?

3. How are the cut-out parts used in this artwork?

4. Why do you think the the viewers are allowed to interact with the cut-out pieces on the floor?


5. What message was the artist trying to convey in the artwork?

6. What are your initial feelings about the artwork and how did you feel after learning more about the artwork and the artist’s intentions?

7. How would you feel if your photographs are going to be cut up in this manner? Why do you feel this way?

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