2013, Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 50 cm

By SUHAIMI BIN SUKIYAR, Assumption Pathway School, Head of Department

The thermos flask was a common sight in the kitchen in the 50s until the 70s.It was an everyday object. Choosing this as my main subject, I decided to add a contemporary twist to it by using vibrant colours and oriental motifs. Incidentally, it is also my response to an installation piece, Study of Three Thermos Flasks by artist Faizal Fadil, which in 1992 generated controversy.He engaged the public by using three used thermos flasks as ready-made objects presented as an art work. Now I put forth Three Thermos Flasks, my personal interpretation of an everyday object and transformation into a decorative work of art.

Lesson Ideas for Three Thermos Flasks (2013) by Suhaimi Bin Sukiyar

This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary 1 N(T)

Artwork title: Three Thermos Flasks

Name of artist: Suhaimi bin Sukiyar

School: Assumption Pathway School

Possible Guiding Questions

1. What object do you see in this picture?

2. Where can you normally find this object and what is its function?

3. Why do you think the artist has chosen the object?

4. What similarities and differences can you identify in these three paintings?

5. Why do you think the artist has chosen these colours?

6. Which colours do you like? Why?

7. Where have you seen these patterns?

Possible Elegant Art Tasks

In this lesson idea, students could be asked to think about the relationship they have with their friends, or family members. The teacher could introduce a variety of collage techniques, and talk about how images may be put together in an analogue fashion, or digitally. The teacher could discuss about David Hockey’s collage, with the intent of getting students to create collages that distort perspectives and points of view as a visual effect.

You are to decorate the living room of your family or friend with a painting. You are required to select one ready-made object. What object will it be? Give reasons for your choice.

From that selected item, create two other similar paintings depicting the same object in interesting perspectives/viewpoints.

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