Practice is an ongoing process. The continuous cycle of one’s artistic practice conceptualising, re-structuring, breaking apart and making whole again mirrors our daily routines of consistent disciplined practice. STAR is pleased to present a | edge, the annual art teachers’ exhibition organised by the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts in its fourth year running.

The Academy encourages Practice as part of one’s professional learning. As arts educators, it is meaningful that we upkeep our own practice so as to deepen our understanding and passion for the subject. It is only with practice that we can have genuine confidence to demonstrate and model an art skill to inspire our students. It is also through consistent engagement as reflective artists that we can become insightful of what we teach.

a…edge, as part of STAR’s SG50 celebration, honours our pioneer art educators for their contributions to the art education scene. A video featuring interviews of selected pioneer art educators will be showcased throughout the exhibition. There will also be a panel discussion titled Art Teaching Then, Now and Tomorrow which will honour Singapore art education’s history since our nation’s founding, and the collective dreams and aspirations of art educators.

This year’s theme, the ellipsis (…) symbolises our teacher-artists’ past, present and future efforts to be beacons in our continuous cycle of practice, to make meaning and enrich our understanding of the philosophy and practice of art.


Rebecca Chew
Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts

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