a | edge¹ is an annual art teachers’ exhibition organised by the Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR). Since 2012, a punctuation mark is chosen as a graphical and symbolic stimulus for art creation. The theme for the exhibition, which changes annually, serves as a catalyst for generating conversations between teacher-artists in the fraternity. This year, the punctuation mark chosen is the ellipsis. Traditionally used as an indication for a leading statement, an unfinished thought or a slight pause, ellipses are also used as an omission of a specific noun in certain styles of writing.

In line with celebrating Singapore’s 50th anniversary, the ellipsis, appearing visually as a series of three dots can also represent our thoughts and reflection on our collective past, present and future. Working with this theme produced interesting and experimental results. Many artworks focused on certain processes rather than the end products. They remind us to look beyond the surface and investigate the material at hand more thoroughly; or slowly examine how time can change our perception of things or the physical material.

Participating teacher-artists are also invited to generate lesson ideas for other teachers to use with their students. These lesson ideas demonstrate how art lessons could be inquiry-based and connected to a plethora of contemporary art practices. These lesson ideas are included on the exhibition website. In addition, Quick Response (QR) codes also provide a means for viewers to interact with the wall labels to access the description of the artwork as well as the lesson ideas stemming from the artwork. We hope this exhibition demonstrates that the visual arts provide unique aesthetic experiences that are invaluable, imaginative and inspiring.



¹ Acronym for ‘Art Educators’ Developmental & Generative Explorations’

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