This lesson is suitable for students in : Secondary 3′

Artwork title: A…Void

Name of artist:   Sheralyn Woon


Possible Guiding Questions for discussing art

  1. What do you see in these photographs? Describe the lines, colours and textures. What do the lines and texture remind you of?
  1. Why do you think the artist has chosen to study such voids? How do these voids come about? Think about your need for space? Do you have such voids in your living space? Looking at the voids, how do they make you feel? Would you live in a space with such voids? Would you associate such voids with a poor household or a rich one? Why? What does this comparison make you think about?
  1. How else can we convey a similar artistic intent in another medium? What made you say that?


Possible lesson ideas for making art

In this lesson idea, students could be asked to think about their living spaces and talk about what makes such a space familiar vs what makes it uninhabitable. The teacher could compare how the voids have different associations with respect to the different kinds of housing such as a HDB flat vs a landed house. The teacher might use examples of artworks shown in this exhibit that depict the way artists relate to their space.


A possible elegant art task could be:

Your new task as a photographer is to look for signs of your presence in your home and school environment. Try photographing these areas of wear and tear from different points of view. Try to re-design or re-organise your space and see how the signs of your presence change. For example, you can use one-point perspective to sketch your new room and use Photoshop to superimpose your handprints or footprints in this room.


For inspiration, the home furnishing catalogues may be referred..





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