This lesson is suitable for students in : Lower Secondary

Artwork title: Kerongsang Serong Refound II

Name of artist:   Lim Boon Eng


Possible Guiding Questions for

discussing art

Possible lesson ideas for making art
Comprising one large elaborate kerongsang ibu (‘mother’) and two smaller kerongsang anak (‘child’), the Peranakan traditional kerongsang serong (literally ‘brooch slanted’ in Malay) is one of the most prized material possessions of a Nyonya.Kerongsang Serong Refound II confronts the audience with an assemblage of objects found in or reconstructed from those found in the Joo Chiat district where many pre-war Peranakan architecture and culture are preserved, transposing the materialism and meaning of the traditional kerongsang serong.

1.     What found objects and ready-made materials are used in this artwork? Describe their form and textural qualities. Where specifically do you think you can find these objects and materials in Joo Chiat area?

2.     Why do you think the artist has chosen these objects and materials to make this assemblage? How do you think the artist has changed the meaning of the traditional kerongsang serong by doing so? How does this make you think about the preservation of the Peranakan culture in Singapore?

 3.     What found objects and ready-made materials would you consider using to make an assemblage on Singapore culture? Explain your rationale.

ExplainIn this lesson idea as a follow up to completing the guiding questions individually, the teacher could explain the background of ready-made art / found objects and assemblage. The teacher could share works by Marcel Duchamp, Tang Da Wu and other a…edge exhibited works to exemplify the ideas that could be expressed through assemblage.Explore

Students could be divided into groups of 4 – 5. Each group would bring five found objects it considers closely-related to or representative of the Singapore culture, e.g. the Peranakan culture, Chinese culture, Pop culture.


In their groups, students could jot down 2 – 3 points about each object, discuss and finalise a theme they would like to comment on using their assemblage. They would then make 10 different set ups using at least 3 of the objects and post them up on Instagram to be shared and polled for the ‘most liked’ by the rest of the class.


The groups would assemble the final work and write an artist statement. The teacher could conduct a gallery walk and each group would present their artist statement to the class.






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