Artwork Title: Blue-Haired Lady

Name of Artist: Anisah Salim 

School: Coral Primary School

This lesson is suitable for students in: Primary 4 and 5 

Possible Guiding Questions for Discussing Art Possible Lesson Ideas for Making Art
PQP in Art Appreciation



What so you like about the artwork? (e.g. materials, colours, texture)


·      What questions would you have for the artist?


·      What kind of paper did you use?

·      Where did you get the paper from?

·      How did you join the paper together?

·      How did you make it stand?

·      Why did you choose these colours?

·      How long did you take to complete this sculpture?



·      If you are an artist, how would you do this sculpture differently? Why?

This lesson can be conducted after the PQP:

1.    Introduce “Zhe Zhi” to the students.


2.    Students use recycled papers from magazines to fold “Zhe Zhi”


3.    Students to work in groups to combine their Zhe Zhi and join them up to create a standing sculpture.


4.    Students do a Gallery Walk and award stickers based on an assessment rubrics. (Peer-assessment )


5.    PQP for post lesson.


6.    Exhibition in school.


Artist: Francene Levinson


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