Artwork Title: Compass Rose

Name of Artist: Angela Toh, Angelo Leung, Cheong Choo Mui, Clara Tai, Clare Wee, Dorathy Lye, Gregory Silver, Katherine Silver, Pamela Chan, Sherlene Ng      

School: Singapore International School, Hong Kong

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 3 Express

Possible Guiding Questions for Discussing Art Possible Lesson Ideas for Making Art
a.    What do you see in the artwork?

b.    What do you think is the artwork about? What made you say that?

c.     Explain how this object can be used.

d.    Who are the users and appreciators of this object?

e.    Pick another object/artwork in the space. Role-play, and create a conversation between this and another object.

f.      What personal meaning does this work have for you?


Elegant art task:

·      Create an unusual object, by combining two or more readymade objects found in a Sundry or hardware shop, below the cost of S$5. This object must describe something about you (metaphorically, or symbolically).


Alternatively, the object must be related to a short story that corresponds to the random words “crocked, flutter, point”.


[Note: the words are derived from a an exercise, listing immediate words that come to mind when viewing the artwork]



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