Artwork Title: Eternal Sunshine

Name of Artist: Hew Soo Hun

School: Nanyang Junior College

This lesson is suitable for students in: Upper Secondary

Possible Guiding Questions for Discussing Art

Possible Guiding Questions for Making Art

  1. What are the materials and processes used to create the work?
  2. Describe the crease patterns on the napkins. Do they remind of you of any motifs you might have seen before.
  3. What form do you think the napkins will take if they were not ‘unfolded’?
  4.  ‘Origami’ is the Japanese name for the art of paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. Can you recall some of the things we find around us that require ‘folding’? What materials are they made of and why do we fold them?
  5. Without reading the description of the work, what do you think the artist is trying to say?
Art Discussion Task:

Research how artists have used ‘folding’ in their work. Discuss how ‘folding’ and the choice of materials used are relevant to their intent.

Art Making Tasks:

  1. Experiment with ways of making marks on paper or transforming a flat sheet of paper without your usual drawing and painting materials.
  2. Different types of paper products, varying in thickness, texture, malleability and colour, would yield a spectrum of results. Apply some of the techniques you have come up with in Task A on a range of paper products and note down the differences.
  3. Then create a sculpture or relief work from paper using some of these techniques to express the effects of the sun on nature and/or human. The artwork should not be bigger than 30 x 30 x 30 cm. As a group, discuss what would be the best way to display your artwork to bring out its relief and textural qualities.

Suggested Resources:

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