Artwork title: Pause

Name of artist: Nurmasnita Md Dena

School: Dunman Secondary School

This lesson is suitable for students in: Lower Secondary

Possible Guiding Questions For Discussing Art

Possible Lesson Ideas For Making Art


  • What do you see?


  • What do you think is going on? Why did the artist chose these objects? What do the objects make you think?


  • What does the work make you wonder?

Word Exercise 

  • If you were to give another name to this series what would it be? 
Elegant art task:

Create a wall-mounted assemblage (A “Snare-picture”, after Daniel Spoerri), made from everyday items from home and school attached to a canvas or plywood panel. Respond to the theme “a day in a life of a student…” 

Important artist References:

  • Daniel Spoerri
  • Robert Rauschenberg

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