Artwork Title: Solace

Name of Artist: Nurhidayah Moliano and Normaisharah Noordin

School: Xinmin Secondary School

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 3

Possible Guiding Questions For Discussing Art

Possible Lesson Ideas For Making Art

  1. What do you see in the video? Describe your emotions/feelings after watching the video.
  1. Describe the space/place in the video.
  1. Why do you think artist chose this space/place? 
  1. What kind of sounds do you hear in the video?
  1. What is the relationship between the sound and visuals?
  1. Embark on an experimental Video Art project on the theme, “Space & Sounds”. 
  1. Teacher should encourage students to experiment and record different ambient sounds (sounds of nature, domestic, roads)
  1. Record a chosen space or scene. 
  1. Pair this video recording of your chosen space/scene with the most unusual sound, so that it changes our usual impression of the place.  

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