Artwork title: In Progress

Name of artist: Tok Wei Yuan

School: Fajar Secondary School

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 3


Lesson idea: ‘Form’ing Ideas

What is abstraction in art?

This lesson is intended for Secondary Three students, assuming the students have been focused on representational work before, to teach them creative strategies to develop forms for their ideas. The students do not require prior experience with material in order to attempt this lesson. This lesson will stretch over three weeks, including teacher modelling, research and discussion. 


Students will: 

  • Visit an art exhibition to view artwork for inspiration (e.g. a|edge) 
  • React, respond, research and reflect to the forms that the artists have developed
  • Categorise artworks into types of strategies (Metaphor, Layer, Project, etc.)  
  • (extension)  Discuss the artwork using art history models of abstract sculpture, e.g. Bird in Space, Brancusi. 
  • Students are assigned themes. These have to be abstract in nature. E.g. Jubilance 
  • Students are formed into groups by theme and are to form tableaus of poses that best express their themes. 
  • Sketch and depict featured poses 
  • Discuss and experiment with ways of forming sculpture from malleable material. This example is meant for Styrofoam, but any introductory level sculpture material will work just as well, e.g. clay. 
  • Attempt to create a sculpture based on assigned themes. 
  • Organise a critique session at intervals; take turns to take and give feedback on their progress, challenges and successes
  • (extension) Display group works for the next Environment Day or School Open House.


Styrofoam Cubes, Files, Wire brushes, Styrofoam Cutters, Sandpaper

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