Artwork title: Continue?

Name of artist: Xie Shangyi

School: Nanyang Girls High School

This lesson is suitable for students in: Secondary 3

Possible Guiding Questions For Discussing Art

Possible Lesson Ideas For Making Art

  1. What does the format and presentation of the work remind you of? 
  1. What are the situations captured in the work? Are they familiar everyday scenes?
  1. Can video games be art? 

           If yes, what makes it an artwork

           If no, why not?

  1. How else can we convey a similar artistic intent in another medium? What made you say that?
In this lesson idea, students could be asked to observe and draw parallel of crowd movements and visual effects of video game. 

The teacher could introduce different video or computer games and get students to observe their surrounding to find similar situations. Teacher should highlight that video games are inspired by life and vice versa. 

E.g. Re-enacting computer game Sims in reality


A possible elegant art task could be:

Capture a game-like footage, using the timelapse function on smart devices, that highlights and charts the movement of people around you. E.g. commuters at the bus stops or train station, toddler on the walker gliding around the house.

Drawing inspiration from visual effects of video games, edit the footage by adding filters and adjusting video timing to create a setup for a video game. 

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