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Memories are essential to our lives. There are some memories that we cherish deeply, reminiscing them countless times, while others that we reject, hoping not to be reminded of them again.

In this installation, memories that represent an educator’s journey are encapsulated within each bottle. Every bottle is representative of an individual’s reflections. The uncapped bottles are memories which he/she hopes to release, while capped bottles are memories that the individual desires to treasure.

In memories that we cherish, it can bring on tears, laughter or valuable lessons. Such memories are an integral part of the satisfaction we derive from teaching. They keep us going as we continue to strive to make it as fulfilling and meaningful.

In memories that we yearn to forget, I believe that in sharing them, we may also find a form of release.


For reasons highlighted above, featured below are the thoughts that the artist had considered in the making of Memories and the processes the artist had gone through. Take your time to appreciate the work that had gone behind the single piece of final work. We hope that you too will be able to see that the value of art lies not solely in the outcome but also in the thoughts of the artist and how that was translated through a physical medium. May this will start your creative juices flowing. Happy art-making!

Artist’s process pages:


Stored within each frame is the draft work by Angie

here are some samples:


The bottles featured in the artwork:


Art by: Angie Dai Huiling


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