Dee Chia Self Conscious Chinese Painting Final.jpeg


I started a series of sculptures exploring the fragmented body as a metaphor of self-consciousness in 1996. When I was 22 years old, I struggled with the act of letting go perspectives of me as a beginning teacher and artist. Now at 45 years of age, I realized that some of the insecurities towards those perspectives recur regardless of age. “Self-conscious” is an attempt at revisiting the recurring theme in my practice through explorations of water and ink as a metaphor for letting go. The most important aspect of the experimentations was to appreciate its outcomes, regardless of the ends.


Final work framed with scale reference


For reasons highlighted above, featured below are the thoughts that the artist had considered in the making of Self-conscious and the processes the artist had gone through. Take your time to appreciate the work that had gone behind the single piece of final work. We hope that you too will be able to see that the value of art lies not solely in the outcome but also in the thoughts of the artist and how that was translated through a physical medium. May this will start your creative juices flowing. Happy art-making!

Artist’s References:

Ink painting by Wu Guanzhong

Blue Willow Plate

Ink painting by Wu Guanzhong

Selected pages from Artist’s Sketchbook:

These pages were also showcased in the exhibition as part of the artist’s process pages.

Dee Chia Sketchbook Page 1.jpgDee Chia Sketchbook Page 2.jpg

Dee Chia Sketchbook page 3a.jpeg

Dee Chia Sketchbook Page 4.jpeg

Dee Chia Sketchbook Page 5.jpeg

Artists’ Sketches & doodles:

Dee Chia Sketchbook Page 3c

Dee Chia Sketchbook Page 3b

Artist’s ceramic works:

However, the artist decided these pieces would be too distracting to be included in the exhibition.

Art by: Dee Chia Yu Teng


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