The last of four featured interviews covering different aedge 2018 artists, this post will reveal more insights into Nurhidayu and Jaliza’s thoughts and processes whilst making Analog.

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 6 March 2018 Aedge-011

Artist’s Write-up

Experimenting with altering the conditions of developing negatives from Analog Cameras, Analog (2017) is a depiction of this art-making process. Encapsulating the entire process in the artwork, the elements present in the artworks are the very elements that were integral to the experimentation. Placed alongside, are distorted abstracts images from the outcome of this investigation, titled, Exuberant (2015). Together, this display aims to provide space for the audience to make a connection to our artmaking process and its outcome without being too literal, while engaging them with the vibrant, luminous images that were the result of this experimentation.

Question & Answer

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Q: To what extent would you consider Analog as experimental? How much control is involved in your play?

We would say that Analog is experimental in the aspect of the approach we have taken to present our art-making process for Exuberance (2015). The extent of our experimentation is greater in Exuberance (2015) as compared to Analog because we have neither control nor a glimpse of the final outcome.

Whereas in Analog, we had control over the work, our approach to playfulness was in the unconventional presentation of art-making processes. We wanted it to be minimal and sophisticated, but subtly shows what we have done to produce Exuberance (2015).

What we do not have control, however, is the audience’s interpretation and response to it. Especially so, since our work is not too literal.

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Q: What kind of subjects do you enjoy photographing? What subjects inspire you? Were the exhibited pieces chosen by a set criteria/specific elements of art that stood out to you?

There are no specific subjects that we aimed to capture. We enjoy capturing everything around us because we tend to overlook on our living environment as we live by the day. Photography is a powerful tool to capture instances in still. Hence, we use that platform to capture everything that surrounds us, both the urban and nature.

The outcome of our photographs ranges from abstract images to some with certain recognisable elements within the abstractness. In selecting which piece to exhibit we looked at vibrancy in colours and the movement of these light leaks and chemical effect on the photographs, the more of its presence, the better.

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Q:  Would you encourage others to collaborate more often? In your opinion, how did the collaboration add value to the work? Would the outcome have differed greatly if the work was undertaken alone?

We think collaboration is a great idea, but it depends on who you are collaborating with and how does it add value to the work. In our case, we both shared the same interest in Lomography and taste in art, and our perspectives are mostly aligned which makes it even easier to work together as we both are moving towards the same artistic direction. We each have our own individual strengths and weakness, and this collaboration allows us to build upon one another. Ayu has a great artistic direction and Ja knows more about the technical aspects of the medium. This collaboration not only made it possible to create Analog and Exuberance (2015), but is also an opportunity for us to learn from one another.

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Q: What do you hope for the audience to walk away with after viewing your work?

We hope our audience enjoy the aesthetics of our work and leave with awe for the fact that the outcome of our experimentation in photography emulates that of an abstract painting. To add on, we also hope that our work somehow spurs others to embark on their own experimental art-making process to produce potential prepossessing works of art.

Artists: Nurhidayu and Jaliza
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