Lim Hui Chi // Bukit View Secondary School //  Charcoal and Pastel // A2 ( 42cm by 59.4cm)

“Cher, can I just paste a sticker on my forehead and send myself to SEAB? I am a piece of art!”

What is art? Often, teachers find it difficult to define what art is to students, when contemporary art suggests anything could be art. Practising artists and art teachers often experiment and push the boundaries of artistic processes. However, when it comes to the summative assessment of art in schools, given the constraints of time, space and resources, both the process and product tend to be restrained and conservative. ‘Coursing Through’ depicts the different emotions that both students and teachers may go through, from wonderment and frustration to exhilaration. ‘Coursing Through’ also invites us to examine art examinations: what is the purpose and value of artistic processes; what is the intrinsic unintended learning resultant from these art examinations? Nevertheless, ‘Coursing Through’ is also a reminder for all to have fun while making art.

Lesson Idea

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