Lydia Lee Wei En // Northview Secondary School // Mixed Media // 45cm by 60cm

In this world that we live in, natural disasters, epidemics and wars are events that are constantly heard and seen in the news. While we are the fortunate ones, there are others that suffer in pain and agony. How long should we be in this state of denial, wrapped in glamour and comfort without realising the sufferings of the world?

This series of glossy photographs shows a model posing glamorously with a bag. It symbolises the different exploits that are currently taking place – harming the environment for our material pursuit, killing animals for their skins to serve fashion, to using children for acts of war. Such are the atrocities portrayed on these bags. So what would we choose to see? A model parading a fashion statement or parodying our atrocious exploits?

Lesson Idea

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