Karen Yeh // Arts Education Branch // Digital Print // 30cm by 30cm

The artist wrote letters to different individuals, asking them for their personal concept of an everyday memento mori – a reminder of the transient state of our lives – in the form of an image, a text or a thing. The variety of responses collected – images of sunrise and sunsets, a cup of teh tarik, a particular patch of ageing skin, the act of clipping one’s nails, birthday parties, etcetera – coalesce in this collage of images articulating personal micro narratives of heightened moments of existence. The artist was intrigued by how we are hurtled forward by the speed of contemporary city life. The selected images represent pensive moments that can reframe the perspectives of what we are doing. Though transient, they remain exquisite and act as valuable reminders of a vulnerable but shared humanity.

Lesson Idea

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