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Dawn Sim Ee Szu, Poi Ching School // Dexter Sim Yu Min, Westwood Secondary School // Grace Lee Wee Chin, Bukit View Secondary School // Tia Amelia Abdullah, Pasir Ris Primary School  // Land Art // 15cm by 15cm

Our collaborative land art is made from a variety of plant materials inter-woven into shapes of circular baskets. Through experimentation and applying Professor’s Hetland’s routine of Alter, Arrange, Attach and Animate, we stripped down and analyzed our materials before assembling them into woven vessels which we used to contain other elements of nature. The title ‘Masak Masak’ is derived from the Malay term for child’s play with cooking. Our work is influenced by the different cultures in Singapore, for example the use of banana leaves as vessels to contain food.

Lesson Idea

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