There are many types of spaces in this world: physical, virtual, and perhaps even dimensional. However, all shapes and sizes do not matter except the ones which are dear to us. Spaces which make us real, spaces which inspire us, spaces which lift us up. In Home, The Neo Generation wants to present their personal spaces which they call ‘home’.

The collective began this project by seeking to understand how colours can influence the way we view spaces. The emphasis for this study stemmed from the prevalence of colour and its undeniable influence, especially in the visual world.









by The Neo Generation (Nurul Izzah Basiron, Julia Mohamed Rahim, Goh Wenmei Abigail, Oh Ji Ji)

To see the collective’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 6 March – 15 March 2019 for aedge 2019.

Want to see more artworks under the MINUTE subtheme? Click here for more.

Also see: The im|perfect misadventure by 偶然の七 (The Accidental 7) Collective

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