Desiree has always been fascinated by how objects can perform beyond its form and mediate relations in the way we perceive and think about society.

The Lobang Book delves into the notion of holes, gaps, gains and loopholes that an art educator would encounter when searching for “Lobangs” to build-up their teaching resources.

Categorised in a series of 3, the first encounter What is Lobang? shares the experience of discovering the gaps and gains of searching for “Lobangs”. The second, Got Lobang or not? provides resources and free-to-grab “Lobangs”. The series ends with I am Lobang King, thus inviting the reader to see themselves as the “Lobangs” art educator.

By Desiree Tham Xue Ping

To see Desiree’s final piece, come down to the SOTA Art Gallery from 4 March to 13 March 2020.

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