Rubber Bands & Fishing Sinkers, 2020
Iznur Shahidah Binte Ishak

My concept is based on the desire that we are journeying towards. Inspired by the idea of a safety net; having that sense of security and stability. With change being the only constant in life, one has to have grit and be able to bounce back like a rubber band when life knocks you down. Crossing is about going through the journey with multiple pathways to reach one’s life goal. Having to go through the ups and downs in life, one has to learn to be flexible when dealing with unforeseen situations. Inspired by the elasticity of the rubber band, which enables one to stretch to his fullest potential. I would also like to highlight on the materiality of the rubber band. By using the method of intertwining, it depicts the act of repetition that relates to the character of the everyday.

Iznur Shahidah Ishak has always been inspired by snippets of everyday life. She finds joy in making art using daily objects such as brown parcel tape and rubber bands. By exploring the materiality, she intends to give objects a second life, creating new meaning out of it. Fascinated with the daily activities and routines, she explores various ways to connect objects and everyday life. Repetition in our everyday activities can be mundane however, it still provides us a sense of safety and stability.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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