Interview: National Languish Crass

Teacher-artist: Fahmy Bin Said Yishun Secondary School How many Singaporeans are aware that Malay is Singapore’s National Language? Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? My name is Fahmy Said and I’m the Subject Head of Art at Yishun Secondary School. I am trained in visual communications and also contemporary arts. Currently, my artistic practice involves […]

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Interview: Intersection

Teacher-artists: Nurul’ain Azilah, Khairunnisa’ Shamsuri &Farida Bee Abdul Rahman Sengkang Primary School Q: Could you please introduce yourselves? We are Ain, Farida and Nisa from Seng Kang Primary School.  Ain was a Generalist teacher before attending the first Art Teachers Practitioner Programme (ATPP) conducted by STAR. She proceeded to obtain her Advanced Diploma in Primary […]

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Resonance of Control

Video Installation, 2018 / 2021 Desiree Tham “Resonance of Control” is a video performance that aims to reflect our human daily interactions with everyday objects. The work expresses the dependency on one’s obsession with specific objects.  Using objects that I have obsessively collated over several years,  the work aims to disrupt familiarity these non-human entity, […]

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Zoom, Click, Waltz

Multimedia Installation, 2021 Sarah Choo Jing Zoom, Click, Waltz is a multimedia installation comprising 13 LED screens. A culmination of documented events, staged recording and found footage, this artwork depicts individuals in various states of “performance”, while isolated within separate window frames.  What began as an attempt to communicate with neighbours during Circuit Break, developed […]

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