Mixed Media, 2021
Nurul I’zzah Binte Basiron

Stamina, is what keeps us going for the long run.

Teachers demonstrate stamina to teach, to nurture and to grow as an educator.

What are the qualities to supplement our stamina in our journey as an educator? 

What does it take to keep us going?

Each IV drip bag represents a quality that is needed to help sustain teachers’ passion to teach in the long run. These qualities are distilled from experienced teachers who share their top 3 to 5 qualities that have empowered them to continue teaching for many years. It is represented through different coloured liquids and translated to a solidified version. 

These qualities are represented through different coloured liquids that are translated to a solidified ‘pill’. Viewers are encouraged to select their set of qualities that would nourish their stamina in the teaching journey.

Nurul I’zzah Binte Basiron creates work under the artist name Wrul B. She is currently teaching at De La Salle School, where she is constantly inspired by both students and teaching peers. Her design background is in Architecture and Fashion Textile.

Nurul finds inspiration in many things like Architecture, Landscape Design, Science and Technology, which has influenced her creative style and process. Nurul creates art because she likes to challenge myself and reignite my creative process. Nurul  specializes in model making and textile manipulation. She also enjoys working with mixed media.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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