Stoneware, Glazes, Slips, Oxides, Rattan skin & Twig, 2020
Hairol Bin Mohamed Hossain

The inspiration for this art piece came from the Bahasa Indonesian word ‘Tegar’ which means rigid and unyielding. For this creation, I am pushing the boundaries of rigidity and unyieldingness by creating textures, cracks and dents during the most malleable state of clay. This decision and discovery marks the start of a new journey in my ceramics practice. The beauty of clay lies in both its strength and weakness. This interesting revelation is the result of a meaningful and challenging journey of trial and error, and some unsuccessful attempts. I have found it is easier to achieve texture and cracks in a roundish form as compared to vertical. I used slips, oxides and glaze sparingly as I wanted to achieve a rustic and unfinished appearance. I adorned the vessel with a twig as it exudes asymmetrical rhythm, complementing the linearity of the form. I used rattan to wrap the twig due to its fragility, indirectly giving it a subtle touch of old world heritage.

Hairol Mohamed Hossain is an inspiring ceramist who was first captivated and awed by pottery when he witnessed a potter throwing on an electric wheel. He was intrigued by the process of moulding a lump of clay into a vessel on a spinning wheel. The observation was illuminating and aesthetically therapeutic. 

Hairol believes that human beings have the fascinating ability for creative problem-solving to overcome obstacles if inspired and pushed in the right direction. Therefore, in his art creation journey, he uses the medium clay to parallel human resilience and adaptability, and how it can be moulded into something astounding. 

Hairol has participated in group exhibitions in 2014, 2018 and 2020. He has done commissioned work (Lawang) by the National Parks Board (NParks) in 2019 and the work was exhibited as a public display in Fort Canning Park as part of a commemoration showcase in celebration of the Singapore Bicentennial.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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