Colour pencil & Watercolour, 2021
Sheena Mei Hui Seng

Wander X Wonder began as an advice Sheena received before venturing on her journey to the Netherlands to complete her Masters. Her work charts her journey contemplating questions about her role as an educator in the last decade. Framed through nine squares, these questions show her process of reflexivity through the shoes she wandered with in her journey. With influences from “Wunderkammer”(translated: Cabinets of curiosities) she hopes to portray how her journey of an educator whilst filled with questions can also reflect a sense of marvel. She also chose to use shoes as an imagery because she observed how teachers like herself often keep a shoe rack under their tables. From the classroom to the meeting room and to staffroom, each shoe has an important purpose and perhaps story to tell. 

Through the different shoes she has worn in the last decade, she invites the viewer to step into her shoes metaphorically and join her in contemplating the desires, hopes and fears of an educator. 

Sheena has taught in a secondary school for 10 years. Desiring to unlearn and learn again as an art educator, in her ninth year she embarked on her journey to pursue her Masters in Arts & Culture in the Netherlands. While she was there, she enjoyed Ethnography and Arts Education modules and thus shares a snippet of her story as an art educator through this artwork. She is a full time wanderer and an aspiring wanderer. Like all teachers, she currently wonders when she can travel again.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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