Acrylic Sculptures, 2021
Farida Bee Abdul Rahman, Khairunnisa’ Shamsuri & Nurul’Ain Azilah

Our artwork comprises of 3 sculptures representing our journey through this pandemic. These designs exemplify our teaching framework used in our curriculum. However, with the need to adjust during the challenging times of Covid, our team felt as if we were pushed out of our comfort zones. Leveraging on technology became a new norm and capturing our students learning despite not having the conventional art lessons became a new challenge. We became facilitators faced with new challenges to assess our students’ learning outcomes. As such, ‘X’ marks the spot where the placement of light becomes vital for the shadows and the sculpture to exist as an entirety. This metaphorically represents the impact of our pedagogy on our students’ learning.

Read our interview here.

Nurul’Ain Azilah was a Generalist Teacher who crossed over to be a full-pledged Art as she enjoys giving the students opportunities to experiment and explore as they learn. She has a witty perspective of things and is always looking out for opportunities to make the learning of Art a myriad of quality and meaningful experiences. 

Farida Bee is a teacher with 11 years of teaching experience between Secondary and Primary school Art Education. She is a Cross-Level Deployed Art teacher who has found equilibrium in creating the joy of learning through Art between the age ranges of her students. 

Khairunnisa’ is a teacher with 4 years of experience with a keen interest in finding novel ways to teach and appreciate Art. Her strength in digital art sets her in the right environment to display her creative approaches in engaging students through the learning of Art.

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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