Digital Video, 2021
Lim Fung Chee Kelvin

During this pandemic, many have been emotionally affected by the changes leading to the Circuit Breaker.  With much tenacity and resilience, many have pulled themselves through the different Phases, trying to cope with the immense challenges till present day.  This artwork hopes to pay tribute to all those who have made a difference in their own way. 

During Phase 1 circuit breaker, I emphasised to my students to keep their spirits up by doing exercises and keeping active despite being ‘locked down’ at home.  We told ourselves not to put on weight during the HBL period and keep our minds active by pursuing other content knowledge.  I led a workout challenge to run an additional 1km per day for every day of HBL.  During the 18 days of HBL, I ran 168km and lost 5kgs. I am quietly hopeful that with the same grit and perseverance, students and people of Singapore shall overcome this pandemic with stronger family ties and concern for our brethren.

To illustrate this, I endeavour to  draw a heart using a continuous line using my GPS watch, in the manner how Paul Klee describes ‘drawing is taking a line for a walk’.  Like the blood pulsing through our veins, the red travelled line courses through the image of the heart on the map. Mind. Body. Spirit. marries all three pillars of one’s personal well-being, they are also intertwined and connected that one must always keep these up to be resilient during this pandemic.

X is the crossroad to a world of uncertainty.  The pandemic has caused disruption to long established routines and plans.  Many of us are unable to go about the usual way to sustain ourselves.  However, we are human beings and we, with proper reasoning, can determine a better pathway in the ‘new normal’.  This fortitude to forge ahead requires us to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Artwork was completed in one seating despite 2 punctures and seat post failure.  More videos to supplement and verify this drawing can be found at www.facebook/swimbikerunteach

Using the online moniker #swimbikerunteach, Kelvin LIm stresses on the importance of the growth mindset in every day life.   A simple challenge to his Form Class to push their boundaries, led him to discover the world of endurance racing and complete an ironman triathlon. Whether in academia or at play, Kelvin ‘tri-s’ and tries to motivate his students by pushing themselves to their full potential through effective effort. 

An industrial designer by training and an advocate for different social causes,  Kelvin is well acquainted with community issues and problems faced by the marginalised.  As a student volunteer and also worked with people with disabilities before becoming a teacher, he has seen first hand how people with disabilities overcome physical  and societal barriers through grit and sheer determination.  They break through glass ceilings  and social norms to also have an improved quality of life, which all deserve.  

Through his varied methodology of art making,  Kelvin hopes to inspire his students to open doors and opportunities in the visual arts. 

Read more about a x edge 2020 and the existing artworks.

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